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Native America OnTheWeb Directory.

We are a Native American art and business directory. It's important to buy art that was actually made by Native American artists. By doing so you support Native American people in their entrepreneur enterprises and you get authentic Native American art.

My Father's Blood

My Father's Blood by Amy Krout-Horn

"Darkness: the place where light best reveals itself."
In the potent and poignant language of fine literature, this stunningly honest autobiographical novel grants candid views of chronic illness, blindness, and Native American racial identity, against the backdrop of a world often determined to demean, degrade, and disenfranchise.

Diane Wilson's Newest Book Beloved Child

Diane Wilson's Beloved Child book cover
“Far greater even than the loss of land, or the relentless coercion to surrender cultural traditions, the deaths of over six hundred children by the spring of 1864 were an unbearable tragedy.

Lineage Designs by Josef Reiter

Horse Bracelet

Using simple, stylized scenes of American Indian life, totems and nature scenes, Josef expresses his love for the traditional values of his Annishinabe heritage. With these images, Josef connects the past, present and future through the universal values of respect for the earth and it's creatures, peace through balance, and the importance of the family in everyday life.

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