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American Gypsy: Six Native American Plays (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series, V. 45)

Artist - Author: 
Diane Glancy

The prolific author of novels, short stories, and poems as well as plays, Glancy (English, Macalester Coll.) is the recipient of the Cherokee Medal of Honor, among other awards. Her overriding interests and vivid use of language are equally on display in this new collection. Combining poetry and prose, the six plays deal with generational relationships, Native American legends, and tensions between Christianity and Native American beliefs. For instance, "The Woman Who Was a Red Deer Dressed for the Deer Dance" is a dialog between Grandmother and Granddaughter, each talking about her own ways of life. Similarly, "The Lesser Wars" draws on the Coyote tradition of the trickster, or shape changer, who embodies the contradiction within us. Also included is an essay on Native American playwriting and performance notes on all of the plays. Useful for Native American studies, this volume is also recommended for comprehensive theater arts collections.
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