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The Three Disciplines: Personal Mastery, Charisma, Self-Discipline - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

Programming Your Mind for Achieving Your Personal Best.
Includes 6 audio CDs plus manual on PDF.

Discipline: "training, activity or regimen that develops or improves a skill".
There are many levels of excellence in life. Personal Mastery is a discipline that is developed over time and with experience; and with the help of the skill of Self-Discipline. The two work together to bring you to a level of excellence. Charisma and Personal Magnetism allow you to interact with others at a level of excellence and influential elegance that makes you the "go-to" person, the expert, the one in demand.

For the first time, the Three Disciplines are offered as a package.
2 high quality digital audio CDs are dedicated to each area, for a total of 6 CDs plus a complete manual to accompany you on your journey:

Personal Mastery: Programming Your Mind for The Distinction of Achievement and Success
Personal Mastery: It's the single trait they all look for. It's the characteristic women say they most want in a man.
It's the difference between being the best and being everyone else.

It's the trait corporate head hunters look for first and most.

Personal Mastery is what differentiates the individual who is truly focused and in charge of their life vs. the person who is pulled and pushed by life's tides.

Everyone gravitates to the person with self-mastery because they exude certainty and success. They have a plan, a next step and they seamlessly execute their plan. They have the flexibility to change anything in life at any moment. They are the envy of everyone else. They are the go-to person. The person with self-mastery is the person who encompasses the phrase, "personal initiative." Most importantly, they get results because they make things happen day in and day out.

You feel secure and safe around the person with self-mastery...and now that person can consistently be you or the person you are coaching.

For the first time, it's all here.

The ability to recognize your strengths and weaknesses is a key characteristic of someone who possesses Personal Mastery. I have identified two broad categories, and 12 key components to Personal Mastery. These will be revealed in this program.

Personal Mastery in a man is something that women are drawn to like a magnet. There are few other traits that create a sense of certainty in a woman. If a man has self-confidence and competence, she knows that he can pretty much do anything in life and, therefore, give her almost anything she wants.

You are going to learn how to acheive personal mastery and how to begin to consciously install the characteristics of self-mastery into yourself and others.

You will experience cutting-edge hypnotic techniques that I will utilize to assist your rapid development in personal mastery. I'm going to program the behaviors, attitudes and feelings of self-mastery into your unconscious mind so these behaviors become automatic in your day to day, minute to minute life.

You don't see programs out there about personal mastery because very few have been able to isolate just how self-mastery develops. Now it's here and in less than one month, you can internalize the distinction of achievement.

This program comes with session notes that will also help you chart your mastery progress.

Charisma: Increasing your Personal Magnetism and Leadership Abilities
Charisma: The extraordinary power to inspire worship and desire. It is the pinnacle of personal magnetism that enables an individual to inspire and influence people. And you can raise your CQ (Charisma Quotient) immediately.

Never before released in any form. As the sub-title indicates, this material was developed after the book, Irresistible Attraction, the #2 best-seller at!

You can be the one in ten who is the focal point of people's attention. Whether you want to increase your business, or simply have almost everyone find you magnetic, this program has over 45 specific things you can do to be more loved, respected and even the object of desire. Better: This material has never been released in any context by anyone, anywhere. It is hot off the presses and ready for you!

You will learn how to:

* Know specifically what turns people's on and off switch when you are present.
* Defuse conflict almost instantly.
* Utilize the 24 facets of charisma in business or personal relationships.
* Use 19 different techniques to achieve social success.
* Create the "aha" and "wow" response in other people's minds even if you aren't endowed with the looks or money of a movie star.

This program is useful and immediately applicable for you in your life. You will use it. It will take all that is good about you and magnify it so you stand out as "the one." I'm very proud of the real value of this program to you, your career and your personal life.

Self-Discipline: Wiring the Core Skill of Achievement Permanently into Your Mind with Self-Hypnosis.

"I recently got your self-discipline program on CD. I love it! It is a miracle! Thank you for putting it together." Marla Lay, Baker City, Oregon

No one is born with self-discipline. No one. Self-discipline is one of the skills of success that has to be wired into the brain at the unconscious level.

When people ask, "What is the secret to success?" there are definitely a few different correct answers. Let's look at a few...then dig in where only angels go...

* Having an idea factory. Storing and nurturing ideas will bring increased wealth or happiness. It's tough to be successful doing the same thing today that you did yesterday, unless you are Tiger Woods or a superstar. I'm not.

* Having specific goals. Goals give us the direction we need in life. They help us generate a "map" that we will need to get to those goals. And by the way, if you think about a map, it's a lot more than a starting point and a destination. That means you need a lot of information between the two that as short and medium-term goals...and alternate routes in case of road construction!

* Self-discipline. Ahhhhhhhh....Here is the rub...Self-discipline is tough. To actually do the right thing every hour of every day of every week, of every year. It seems like so much work...and it first...until you master self-discipline and it becomes as habitual as taking your daily walk, brushing your teeth or eating dinner every day. Self-discipline can be installed into your brain's operating system, but expect no Genie from the lamp to help you on this one. If you don't wire it in, it will never get there by accident. Never.

With self-discipline, everything in life is easier. Without it, life drifts down the river until it falls over the waterfall. Here are some examples to really ponder.

There are two and only two ways that you can install self-discipline into your mind.

1. You can perform the same activities you need replicated every day for 3-4 weeks, at which time the activity will be burned into the neurology of the brain.
2. You can utilize self-hypnosis every day for 3-4 weeks until the activity is burned into the neurology of your brain.

What would happen if you ate 300 calories less than your daily norm, every day for one year? (300 calories is 3 or 4 pieces of bread or three cookies)

You would lose about 20-35 pounds in that year. Even if you have a hard time losing weight, you would lose 20 pounds. It's an incredibly small amount of food to leave at the grocery store, but it adds up to three gallons of milk in weight after one year. Three gallons you've been lugging around for a long, long time.

I want you to subtract your age from 100.

Is that number roughly equal to the percentage of money you have carefully invested in the stock market and/or real estate and/or your own business? I'm not giving you investment advice here, you already know what is going to happen. You're going to come to the point when you retire or get laid off and you will be out of money faster than you can blink an eye. (Note: Investing is not as easy as this and it takes self-discipline to learn to know when to be in or out of the market...more on that later as well.) If you have $35,000 in your retirement account that should be enough to get you by for one year if you become disabled or retired. How many years do you plan on living beyond disability or retirement? Multiply that by $35,000 and you know roughly how much you need to have to survive.

All of these vital areas of life are made fun... or are experienced as incredibly painful by the habit of self-discipline or the lack of it.

I can't give you a lifetime dose of self-discipline today. It's like taking vitamins. The half life of self-discipline is very short. Usually 12 hours. Then, at the end of the day you break down and eat those 500 calories, buy the new car, or take that trip that empties your savings. It takes a few weeks of intentional programming to make it all happen. And yes it is worth it.

Self-discipline is the best investment there is. I have had a few rules of thumb when it comes to/ and has come to money and life:

1. I will not die of diabetes or anything like it. (avoid obesity)
2. I believe in having a BIG rainy day fund. Because it rains a lot in life. If I got hurt for six months and couldn't work, would it matter financially?
3. Every day that I'm home I talk with my kids. Why? Because they are the most important long term investment on the planet. That love only grows over time.
4. I believe in having 100% integrity. If it's going to hurt someone or if it doesn't represent who I am as a person, I simply don't do it.

Each week in Coffee with Kevin Hogan, I keep in touch with thousands of people all over the world. Make sure you keep in touch with the people that are in your world. That takes self-discipline as well. So does the daily walk you take every day.

OK. Now, we've talked about it.

You probably feel a bit anxious inside.

If so... are on the right track!

You won't actually DO anything that is in your best interest without massive doses of self-discipline.

With this course....

You will learn the conscious mind skills and tools of rock solid self-discipline. You're going to see in real life just how fast you can achieve what you want in life utilizing self-discipline.

Then, you are in for the treat of a lifetime...

I install iron clad self-discipline directly into your mind with the most powerful self-hypnosis tools you will ever experience.

Listen to the hypnotic CD for 24 days to permanently wire in the kind of self-discipline it takes to achieve. Obviously this program can make the difference between success and failure in achieving your life dreams, weight loss, finding the partner you've been looking for...yes, everything that is good in life stems from self-discipline. This program literally makes it unconscious and permanent.