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Stickman: John Trudell - Book

Artist - Author: 
Paola Igliori

This is a book about John Trudell written by Paola Igliori. Many years ago, I heard John Trudell speak for the first time...I was ten. I was intrigued by the way the words flowed out, ordinary words forged in fire and flame, in sycronicity with the passion of the cause. Years later, I was gifted "Tribal Voice," and later still, found "Aka Grafiti Man" near the side of the road, where I wandered at the time. Today, many years later, I still find solace in the passion of the spoken word. These writings can only be decribed as a symphony from the heart, and truth, as only a surviver can tell the tale.
- An Amazon Customer's review.

history / politics
Native American