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Exploring the Indigenous World View (Audio Cassette)

Artist - Author: 
Vine Deloria Jr.
Vine Deloria, a Native American scholar, cites intriguing anomalies - such as petroglyphs of dinosaurs - and describes Native American astronomy. He suggests the indigenous world view may turn out to be the correct one. In hour 2, Vine compares the western and indigenous world views, and shares stories medicine men have told him. Says Vine "A lot of tribal histories go back to an entirely different time than is described by Western theology. When certain lands were shaped differently, for example. Tribes in the northwest remember mammoths and saber tooth tigers. petroglyphs look like big animals, some like dinosaurs. I got interested in how much the tribal oral tradition can be relied upon in terms of verifiable sequences of actions or locations. And I found that a lot of Indian traditions fit with the latest things in astronomy and geology. I’ve been into that for 30 years."