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Artist - Author: 
Keith Bear

Keith Bear is a flute player of the first order. This CD contains an autobiographical video segment that really helps you appreciate the music that he plays and the person that he is. His tribal background is different from Kevin Locke, though both call the upper Missouri River area home, and those differences come through in the music. Both are wonderful players and people.
-Review by Amazon customer Dennis Presser

1. Mandan Welcome / Warrior Return Song
2. Hidatsa Garden Song (Planting)
3. Hidatsa Friendship Song
4. Hidatsa Courtship Song
5. Pumpkin Seed
6. Mandan Heartbreak Song
7. Spirit Journey Song
8. Hidatsa Garden Song (Morning)
9. Hidatsa / Mandan Love Song
10. Hidatsa Courting Song
11. Mandan Warriors Calling Song (Prayer Song)
12. Mandan Warrior Song

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