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Keepers of the Dream

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Locke

"to capture the true beauty of the instrument and the man. I can feel the sun shining, the wind blowing and the buffalo roaming. A true native artist who doesn't compromise his sound." - Review by Amazon customer "Close your eyes"

1. Lakota Prayer
2. Grandfather, Look At Me!
3. Circling The Four Directions
4. The Fast
5. I Know Who I Am!
6. Prairie Chicken Song
7. Muskrat's Blessing
8. Badlands Boy
9. Entering The Spirit Lodge
10. Thunder Beings
11. Traveling Alone
12. Morning Star
13. Blacktail Deer
14. Homecoming
15. Victory!
16. The People Shall Live!
17. Call To The Round Dance
18. Strength To You, Lakota Women
19. Sleep, Little One, Sleep