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Once in a Red Moon

Artist - Author: 
Joanne Shenandoah

This album is dedicated to the consistent and ongoing efforts of my dear mother, Maisie Shenandoah, who has devoted her life to the Oneida people. It is only because of the efforts of those like her that we as Iroquois people have survived our hardships. We will continue to remember our traditions because of the dreams, love and inspiration given to us by such noble Elders. - Joanne Shenandoah

1. Mother Earth Speaks
2. Spirit Lingers On
3. You Can Hear Them Dancing
4. This Baby of Mine
5. Skywalker
6. The Blackfeet Nation
7. Quarter Moon
8. In the Middle of the Road
9. Blanket Fevers
10. Please Sign Here
11. Patterns of the Drum
12. America

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