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Raven in the Snow

Artist - Author: 
Bill Miller

"This is the first Bill Miller CD I bought. I picked it up because the album cover looked interesting--I had never heard any of his music before. But after one listening, I was hooked! There are driving guitar songs, and there are instrumentals that make you want to dance in a forest glade somewhere. There are ballads that make you want to cry with joy and sorrow, and angry songs that that remind you life is hard. Through it all, his Native American heritage shines through with a spiritual light. His songs "Listen to Me" and "This Kind of Love" are songs I turn to again and again for the comforting reminder that God is with us and wants the best for us. After owning this CD for just a short time, I went out and bought The Red Road, and I've snapped up every CD he's released since then."
- Review by Amazon customer S. A. Cain "librarian"

1. River Of Time
2. Brave Heart
3. In Every Corner Of The Forest Part 1
4. Listen To Me
5. Red Bird, Yello Sun
6. After The Storm
7. Raven In The Snow
8. Pile Of Stones
9. In Every Corner Of The Forest Part 2
10. The Final Word
11. Eagle Must Fly Free
12. This Kind Of Love
13. In Every Corner Of The Forest Part 3