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The Red Road by Native American Artist Bill Miller

Artist - Author: 
Bill Miller

"This was the first music I had listened to from this artist. Trail of Freedom and Dreams of Wounded Knee are both excellent. Faith of a Child brought me to tears.

I love the way Bill mixes guitar and flute with an upbeat sound. He blends a beautiful balance of Powwow drumming with his words and music. I have since bought several more of his CD's and they are all very well composed.

Will buy more as he releases his work."
- Review by Amazon customer J. Escher "redhawk44"

1. Dreams Of Wounded Knee
2. Praises
3. Two Hawks
4. Reservation Road
5. Tumbleweed
6. Faith Of A Child
7. Many Trails
8. Trail Of Freedom
9. Inter-Tribal Pow Wow Song
10. Kokopelli's Journey
11. My People

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