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Fuller Man: A Novel

Artist - Author: 
Diane Glancy

Set in rural Missouri, Fuller Man is narrated by Hadley Williges, the youngest of Bill and Ann's three children. Ann's family are devout Christians, so when Ann marries Bill, a nonbeliever, Ann's sister Mary predicts trouble. Indeed, bitter fights erupt when Bill, a reporter for the Kansas City Chronicle, goes off chasing stories for the newspaper.

The parents' stormy relationship affects each of the Williges children in different ways. Gus ends up on the periphery of reality, Nealy becomes a missionary in Nigeria, and Hadley searches for the meaning of the Biblical passage "And a highway shall be there, and a way." An exploration of religious faith and faith in humanity, of Christianity as a divider and a healer, Fuller Man is a complex and satisfying read.

literature / fiction