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How Not to Catch Fish: And Other Adventures of Iktomi

Artist - Author: 
Joseph M. Marshall III

With this new Children's book and CD, prolific Lakota Sioux author Joseph Marshall III teams up with Yankton Sioux illustrator Joe Chamberlain and renowned Lakota Sioux recording artist John Two-Hawks to tell 7 great traditional Iktomi trickster tales. This is the first time 3 Sioux Indian people have ever collaborated to tell their own Iktomi stories with both written and spoken word, brilliant illustrations, and wonderful sound effects and music. The result is a children's story experience like no other. Take a humorous, educational and inspirational journey with Iktomi, the silly, teacher/trickster character from centuries of wonderful Lakota character-building stories. Young people and adults alike will laugh, learn and discover the profound wisdom in these timeless stories. Wise old tales shared in a new way for a new generation.

childrens / youth