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Madness and Moremes

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

Sit back, shut your eyes and let John's words penetrate your soul, because that is what his music is like and this is some of his best work. Poetically eloquent, moving, romantic and soulful at times, bluesy at others, sometimes political, always filled with wisdom, insight and food for thought. His beautiful deep voice, and light rock rhythms, sometimes combined with a Native tongue in a chant will hypnotize you in a nice, musical trance like way. And playing guitar is the legendary Kiowa guitarist Jesse Ed Davis. I enjoyed every single song on this album and I didn't want it to end.

If I had to sum John up in one word, it would be though provoking, and thus is the reason our government believes him to be dangerous, despite the fact he is not a violent person. Let John take you on a journey that will end in a paradigm shift in your thinking.

And this DOUBLE album can be downloaded for $8.99. That's 27 songs. If you haven't heard John before, you're in for a real treat. I promise you, it is one purchase you'll NEVER regret.

1. Madness And Moremes
2. Like Temptation
3. Broke The Light
4. How Does Tomorrow Dream
5. Looking For An Angel
6. Happy Fell Down
7. Teddy Bear Tears
8. Waiting For Yesterday
9. Sweeting The Light
10. Famine In The Plenty
11. Asking The Wind
12. Material Junkies
13. A Face On God
14. God Help And Breed You All
15. The Moremes
16. Francis Brown
17. Bringing Much
18. Tikaan
19. Reason To This
20. Took A Little Walk
21. The Beast
22. My Fire
23. Cry Your Tears
24. With Yesses
25. Iktomi
26. Make A Chant
27. Baby Boom Che