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Anytime, Anywhere, Love Me Again

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

It's about time some of Rita Coolidge's large catalog makes it to CD! "Anytime...Anywhere" is the pinnacle of Rita's commercial success. The best tracks here are not the biggest hits, but other treasures: "The Hungry Years", "Southern Lady", and "Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame". Her vocals on this record are amazing. This album was originally released in 1977, but still sounds as good as it did on first listen all those years ago. "Love Me Again" the follow up to "Anytime...Anywhere" is filled with gorgeous, heartfelt vocals. Best cuts here are "Hello Love, Goodbye", the title track, and "It Just Keeps You Dancin'". Both records feature top notch musicians. Rita really is one of the pioneers of California Rock/Pop. It is nice to see some long overdue recognition, in the form of this reissue. Thanks to Raven records for we just need Rita's first 3 albums made available on CD in America!! This item is a must for any music fan, Rita is an outstanding singer, and is still touring/recording today....may she sing for many years to come!
Amazon Customer review by Peter Lloyd "RC Fan" (NYC)