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Blue Indians

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

Humor, hope, and magic mix with loneliness and oppression on John Trudell's Blue Indians. Trudell, a Santee Sioux poet, recites his straightforward social commentaries and romantic laments in an easygoing and, at times, sly manner. The melancholy world evoked by the poems is fleshed out by spare musical backup featuring traditional, wordless vocalizing, slide guitar, and low-key percussion. The unobtrusive blues-rock and soft-rock (Jackson Browne-produced) accompaniment keeps the focus on Trudell's words. Two narrative tracks, "Johnny and Joe" and "Dizzy Duck," stand out. "Johnny" is a desolate tale of booze, blood, and jealousy, while "Duck" details a dark scenario that jolts you with its surreal violence. But the album's highlight is "Angel of Sin," which hooks the listener with hornlike slide guitar and the repeated phrase "She told to me," hauntingly intoned by Trudell. --Fred Cisterna

1. Blue Indians
2. Bad Dog
3. All Nite Cafe
4. Toy
5. Devil And Me
6. Johnny And Joe
7. Angel Of Sin
8. Terminal Neon
9. Dizzy Duck
10. Grassfire
11. The Only One For Me
12. You Were

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