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Bone Days

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

I discovered John Trudell with this album and I deeply fell in love with this man. When I heard these album's songs for the first time, I was definitely hooked and deeply moved. I can't help listening to this cd again and again...The music, beautiful blues, mixed with traditional Native American voice and music, and THIS VOICE, John Trudell's voice - deep, beautiful voice which send vibrations and thrills through all my being. Everyone who hear such a voice can't help being under a spell.
And then THE WORDS, such words as "My heart doesn't hurt anymore, but my soul does. Maybe that's what soules are for, to take the hurt the heart can't take." And then THE MAN behind this voice and behind these words...
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1. Crazy Horse
2. Other Close Times
3. Undercurrent
4. Carry The Stone
5. Ever Get The Blues
6. Lucky Motel
7. Bone Days
8. Takes My Breath Away
9. Spectator
10. Sorry Love
11. Nothing In Her Eyes
12. Doesn't Hurt Anymore
13. Hanging From The Cross

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