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John Trudell and Annie Humphrey - Spirit Horses

Two songs were inspired by American Indian Movement activist John Trudell, who does a cameo on "DNA," reminding oppressors that people are who they are all the way to the blood. "Falling Down and Falling Apart," written by Sherman Alexie and Jim Boyd," is a wonderful mix of Native imagery that speaks to anyone who is a target of a dominating culture, while "500 Years" is a moving compendium of the atrocities committed by Europe's children. - Rhythm Magazine

1. Spirit Horses
2. But This Love
3. Same Old Years
4. Much Sense
5. DNA
6. Falling Down and Falling Apart
7. I Can Hear You
8. The Heron Smiled
9. Another Horse
10. See Her
11. 500 Years
12. Call Me
13. Spirit Horses

Annie Humphrey - John Trudell