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Life Blood

Artist - Author: 
Joanne Shenandoah

"My natural name, Tekalihwa: khwa (TEK-YA-WHA-WHA) was given to me as a small child. In the Oneida language it means "She Sings". I have been listening to and singing Iroquois songs as long as I can remember. I am honored to be given the gift of music and offer these social dance songs out of my respect for our Earth Mother's creations. It is my hope that everyone who listens to these songs will be inspired to keep our life blood running pure in respect for our future generations." Joanne Shenandoah

1. Messenger
2. Circle Of Friendship
3. When Eyes Meet
4. Path Of Beauty
5. Song Of Union
6. Woman's Dance
7. Dance Of The North
8. Life Blood
9. Messenger Reprise

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