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Live at Fip

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

This is a sensational recording of some of Johns' best. His backup band is wonderful as usual. This will speak to your heart and spirit. John is one of us who has been through Hell and has come back to tell the story. The fact that he does it so eloquently and with such emotion is a true gift from Creator.
Cheryl Schaffner - Amazon customer review

Track Listings
1. Crazy Horse
2. Bone Days
3. Putting A Face On God
4. Undercurrent
5. Carry The Stone
6. Ever Get The Blues
7. Lucky Motel
8. Sorry Love
9. Broke The Light
10. Takes My Breath
11. Nothing In Her Eyes
12. Doesn't Hurt Anymore
13. Hanging From The Cross
14. Devil & Me
15. Shadow Over Sisterland