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Joanne Shenandoah

"I dedicate this recording to family and clan to honor their presence here on Mother Earth as well as their influence upon my life." - Joanne. ...In this collection celebrating the nurturing spirit of not only the women in Joanne Shenandoah's life but of all mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends, Shenandoah sings traditional Iroquois chants with a unique grace and poise. Her voice shimmers like silk in motherly lullabies and soft incantations.... Healing and exquisite. --Karen Karleski / Amazon Editor

1. Kahawi'tha
2. Kanekotsy^:Tha
3. Yakolihuny^Ni
4. Katsitsy^Tha
5. Tekanatsyaslitha
6. Tsyakow^Niyo
7. Kaluhyanu:Wes
8. Katsitsi :Yos
9. Tekalihwa Kwha
10. Kalunyaha:Wi
11. Taw^:Tene
12. Kahalu'nyuhe
13. K^Nikasto?Sla

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