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Artist - Author: 
Joanne Shenandoah

Orenda is an Iroquois word meaning "the soul of all things." These songs celebrate life and our connection to the universal spirit. With voices that echo grace and beauty, Joanne Shenandoah, (Oneida) and Lawrence Laughing (Mohawk) sing spirited melodies and elegant harmonies creating a sense of peace, balance, and gratitude.

1. Passage
2. Across The Sky
3. I Am Your Friend
4. Our Mind Is One
5. Creator's Song
6. The Great Feathered Horse
7. In Love
8. All My Relations
9. The Four Legged Ones
10. Garter Dance
11. Deer Dance
12. Life Giver
13. You Are My Friend
14. Hunting
15. Unity
16. Prophecy Song

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