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Peace and Power

Artist - Author: 
Joanne Shenandoah

Although Shenandoah has several recordings in a more conventional folk-singer vein, Peace & Power draws from her four most evocative, atmospheric albums: Matriarch, Orenda, Peacemaker's Journey and Lifeblood. Both pianist Peter Kater, who produced Lifeblood, and Tom Wasinger, producer of the other three, successfully frame Shenandoah's simple songs in detailed arrangements. Wasinger, in particular, creates an ethereal chamber music ensemble, with guitars, Middle Eastern zithers, Armenian duduks, citterns, and African kalimbas. The CD comes with an extensive autobiographical booklet detailing Shenandoah's life journey and her pride in her Native American heritage.

1. Mother Of Nations
2. Prophecy Song
3. When Eyes Meet
4. Kaluhyanu:Wes
5. I Am Your Friend
6. Kahalu'nyuhe
7. Aiionwatha Forgives
8. Dance Of The North
9. Katsitsi :Yos
10. The Four Legged Ones
11. Deer Dance
12. Path Of Beauty
13. Kahawi'tha
14. Peace And Power

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