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Shaman's Way

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Awesome! One word describes this CD and that word is awesome. I love "modern" Native American music (and yes, Rita Coolidge is Native American for all you old hippies who are only familiar with her as a back-up singer with Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishman) and this CD is all that and more -- global chants, spirituality, and earth rhythms. I found the CD to be uplifting yet calming, sensual yet spiritual. The music touches something deep within my genetic memory.

As a yoga instructor, I'm always on the look-out for music for my classes and this CD is one I always use, especially for a spirited flow class. My 20-something college students love it during powerful sun salutations, and you can almost time your vinyasas to it. But it's also a CD you can use as background music for a quiet gathering with friends.

Buy this CD -- you won't regret it.
Review by Amazon customer yogagal60510 (Batavia, IL USA)