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Thinking About You

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Singer, songwriter Rita Coolidge & Norah Jones plumb the same musical depths, the same vocal geography. Rita Coolidge fans will not be disappointed. This voice, this woman is a national treasure. Her range, texture, phrasing & versatility around jazz ballads, R&B, blues, & country crossover, are awesome. She leaves you with the sense of polyphonic harmony in a single note. Hopefully her full repetoire will be available again, but this CD with others: Out of the Blues, & the Universal Masters Collection, are a great example of her range. Also recommended with Kris Kristofferson are: Breakaway, & Natural Act. Her soaring voice always leaves me wanting to hear more & more! Although love is the theme here, the delivery & pacing are varied & new. Some literary giant said, "Love is the only story." She's a storyteller. More please.
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1. Shoo Rah
2. Love Without Mercy
3. Without Love
4. Letting You Go With Love
5. Runaway Love
6. What's It Gonna Be
7. The Way I Loved You
8. I've Been Thinking About You
9. I'm Not Your Lover
10. Everybody Needs
11. I'll Remember You