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Josef Reiter


Isabel, MI
United States
Lineage Designs Jewlery by Josef Reiter
I am a traditional silversmith who has been designing, making and selling jewelry for more than 30 years. I use simple, stylized scenes of American Indian life, totems and natural scenes to express my love for the traditional values of my Annishinabe heritage. Using these images, I connect the past, present and future through the universal values of respect for the earth and it's creatures, peace through balance, and the importance of the family in everyday life. From 1976 to 1982, I owned and operated my own jewelry store, Blue Water Indian Arts,in St. Paul, MN. I presently do custom work and sell my jewelry at powwows and festivals around the Midwest.
I honor my Anishinabe ancestors’ respect for Nature by incorporating traditional Native American symbols in much of my work. I have also been influenced by Basia Praus, a master silversmith who took me on as an apprentice.
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Employing images of wildlife and landscapes, I celebrate the beauty and timelessness of the natural world in my hand-worked silver jewelry.
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Joe Reiter
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