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Michael Galban and Tonia Loran

Wanuken Traditional Arts
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Wanuken Traditional Arts

Wa-nu-ken traditional arts is a family operation founded in 1990 by Michael Galban and Tonia Loran. The name Wa-nu-ken is an acronym representing the Washoe, Paiute, and Mohawk people. Michael is Washoe/Paiute and Tonia is Keniekehake or Mohawk. The business and the family are both growing and now there are three additions, Kionkwathatha, Rotsirohawi, and Tsioianiio.

Wa-nu-ken is dedicated to preserving the cultural traditions of the Washoe, Paiute, and Mohawk people. As a family of performer/educators we have traveled to all the corners of Turtle Island teaching and performing to audiences of all ages. Michael and Tonia have 20 years of experience as Native American Educators. We are storytellers, singers, dancers, and craftspeople.