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Argus Dowdy


Skiatook, OK
United States
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Four Winds Indian Art

The traditional stone sculptures created by the artist is influenced by designs from the Southeastern Mississippian Period and ancient "rock art", or petroglyphs. Many of the stone animal effigies carved by the artist are in the minimalist or impressionist tradition common in much traditional American Indian art. Some effigies are inlaid with silver alloy and contrasting stone petroglyph and pictograph figures using the same traditional inlay techniques as used on traditional pipes producing a mixed media sculpture. These inlaid figure designs are taken from "rock art" (petroglyph) sites which were produced by Native artists thousands of years ago. Stone used in the sculptures include alabaster, limestone, steatite, sandstone, soapstone, Minnesota pipestone (or catlinite) and Ohio pipestone.


The stone sculpture created by the artist is influenced by the carvings from many Native American tribes and by the Mississippian Period mound building cultures of the Southeast. Some of the artist's traditional stone effigies use pipe inlay techniques to inlay traditional petroglyph characters into the effigy figures. On other pieces design elements from Mississippian Period pottery and ceremonial objects are combined to produce unique pieces of sculpture representative of that culture.

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Argus Dowdy
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