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Juliette Gauthier de la Verendrye

Juliette Gauthier de la Vérendrye

The Algonquin Legends and Customs listed below, based on the manuscript of Juliette Gauthier de la Vérendrye, can be found on this web site.

The Colors of the Sunse
Three Loons Swimming Among the Water Lily Pods
The Sun Woman Kisisok8e
A Rattlesnake for Tootache
La Nouvelle-France La Fleur de Lys
Indian Children's Clothing
Head Gear Worn for Hunting White or Grey Partridge
The Indian Hammock
Sap, Canoes, Fuel etc.
Birch Bark Torches
Smudge Torches
Masimin Dyes
Our Sledge Dogs
Corn Planting
Fishing in Wintertime
Canulah, the Fox and the Bear

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