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Lucaj, Kimberley


Kimberley is an official site for all the work she has done over the past twelve years. Kimberley started at her modeling career very early and has been on the rise every since. She has also started an environment safe cleaning business called Organic-b-Natural Cleaning. This is to help save the environment, endangered animals, energy and to clean up unhealthy lifestyles & homes. We are cleaning the air one home at a time. Nature is depending on each generation to make a difference. This is one project that will help many people to understand Global Warming and how unhealthy lifestyles do affect other cultures around the world.


My family who has been the greatest influence, my support team & always reminding me if I want it bad enough and put my whole heart,soul & spirit into it and work hard all my dreams will come true. GOD who has Blessed me in ways I could not have dreamed of asking for. I try to use all my talents HE has blessed me with to do greater good in HIS name.

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A personal own quote of Kimberleys is "~One person in the act of doing is understanding-is knowledge-is wisdom-is the living tale that one tells-One person can make a difference~" this can be found on her organic website.

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