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My influences came from Detroit Michigan at an early age. I think the first person I really loved and was mesmerized about was little Stevie Wonder because he achieved his musical abilities while blind., to me I add this up to one of few in a life time (according to me)...exceptional humans born with exceptional gifts! I use to play the piano and other music at the time...great performers such as Elton John were my mentors...even if they didn't know it! and was a modern dancer. Those influences also came from choreographers and teachers who were innovators through dance, movement, and music. I also enjoy writing, painting, acting and educating others.

I was working on my PhD I also played with the idea to incorporate Howard Gardners theory "multiple intelligences" to get through a difficult program. In this case I developed a time management approach to learning. This...using myself as a research subject, assisted me in retaining other analytical skills in critical thinking, thereby resting my logical part of my learning with creativeness.

I am adamant in my views....creativeness is essential to all learning and experiencing our world around us to influence our goals. Sounds Like My Sounds are like Native American sounds. I also integrate Lakota traditional wicaglaka techniques / Anishinabe values in my music. I also like to mix old time themes with modern beats. Hope You Like It!

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