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Twoshields Productions


Twoshields Productions Co.
P.O. Box 16154
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-0154
United States
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Twoshields Productions

Twoshields production Co. offers a full production of singers, and dancers from a variety of dance categories. From intimate presentations to larger events, Twoshields Productions can work with your budget.

The pow-wow dance group consists of:

* Men and women Traditional, Fancy dance, Grass dance, and the always popular hoop Dance. The hoop dancer is the current 2nd place Teen hoop dancer from the 2008 World Hoop Dance Championship.
* Navajo bow and arrow along with the basket dance
* The Drum Group are often called upon to be host drum at various pow-wows and are also dancers
* The Flute player has won awards for his musical performances and sought after for various events.

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Nino Reyos
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