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America Meredith


My work negotiates the space between the Native and non-Native, the urban and rural worlds, as well as the interactions between humans, animals, plants, and spirits. I am an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation and a hereditary member of the Red Paint Clan, but also am of Swedish and Celtic descent, so my art reflects these different influences.

My paintings are inspired by mediaeval manuscript illumination, the Arts and Crafts movement, Mississippian shell engravings, 60s television cartoons, and the Bacone school of painting. Common threads run through these schools of art – a love of nature and beauty, an awe of the unseen world, a flattening of space and time, and bursts of quirky humor. I endeavor to incorporate these different traditions and connect them to my own life and times. And, incidentally, Cherokees do have a word for art: ditlilostodi.

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