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Gueganne Doucet


160 Cartier Street
Shediac, NB E4P 1L3
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Gueganne Gallery Studio

My art represents my inspiration in the world of myths, magic and dreams. When I create a painting or sculpture using my belief and spirituality, I perceive an impression of a conscience that touches many traditions, which should be restored and included in the celebrations and ritual of today. The rituals representations of our ancestors must be continued in the art so my responsibility as a participating artist in creation and my consciousness with my ancestors will be preserve.

As an Aboriginal Artist I must never let myself be disconnected with the forces of the skies, the earth and with our ancestors and this, to facilitate the balance of life. My appreciation of the past and my own culture has made me a firm believer in the values of traditions. I searched for the correct fusion of style and content to best express the timeless beauty of my people in a way no contemporary artist has done before. Through my unconventional approach, I strive to share this appreciation for the aboriginal culture with today’s contemporary public.

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Guéganne given to me by my Maternal Grand-Mother
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