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Jeffrey Gibson

Infinate Anomaly
My paintings and installations depict views of an imagined landscape populated with new and undiscovered plant and animal life. I draw on my personal experiences of working in Native American ethnographic collections and having often been a foreigner among other cultures while growing up abroad. I was surrounded by unknown sights, sounds, and cultural customs as a child and would create my own worlds based on these novelties. The paintings are mid to large size oil and pigmented silicone paintings on board. The silicone allows me to continue building the forms beyond the borders of the painting into our actual shared space. The landscape that I paint is a utopian one meant to intrigue a viewer to indulge in the curious nature of looking. The organically shaped forms appear to be in the process of morphing and developing into more complicated beings. Each series of paintings documents this development and how it alters the landscape itself. The first series of work, The Infinite Anomaly (2003), depicted individual specimen samples as I imagine they would look removed from the context of the landscape. The second series, The Beguiling Pulse (2004-05), focused on the totality of the landscape as viewed at night and incorporated previous specimens into the painting. The current series, Prismatism, shows the emergence of human forms in the landscape. This body of work will be shown in Fall 2005. Subsequent bodies of work will document the development of an alternative culture among the human forms.
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