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CZ Martin


4807 Onigum Marina Dr. NW
Walker, MN 56484
United States

I create images that promote the preservation of the Ojibwe culture through illustrations in various mediums. My work includes images that bring awareness of misconceptions and desecration of the Ojibwe culture brought by media and carried through the native population.

I create work that depicts social changes in the Native populations and changes in the non-Native that affect the Native culture. Also, I enjoy illustrating the characters presented in the Oral traditions of storytelling and spiritual energies that are involved in Ojibwe beliefs. I enjoy creating artwork that is realistic in form and artwork that is symbolic and stylized.

Presently, I am a double major student of Fine Arts and Mass Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations. My future involves continuing the work I started in the past years, which is developing educational curriculum on Ojibwe culture, preservation of oral history in animation, presentations and gallery shows. To address cultural issues that will bring awareness and possible healing to Native and Non-Native populations.

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Cherylin Martin
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