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Alaska Native Arts Foundation

ANAF's Objectives are to; Improve the economic well-being of Alaska Native artists, Invigorate the education and training of the next generation of Alaska’s Native artists, Increase general awareness of Alaska Native cultures and provide opportunities to educate the public about the diverse cultural expressions of Alaska’s indigenous peoples, and Stimulate demand for and help establish fair market pricing for works of art created by Alaska Native people.
Alaska Native cultures are vital and rich, and their arts visible manifestations of history, skill, tradition, adaptation, and creativity. Though they thrive in many ways, these arts and artists receive neither the recognition nor the value their work deserves, contributing to the economic difficulty of life in remote villages. The Alaska Native Arts Foundation was formed in September 2002 to promote and celebrate the uniqueness of Alaska Native art and heritage in order to directly address challenges faced by Alaska Native people and arts.

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Alaska Native Arts Foundation
500 West 6th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99510-1497
United States
61° 8' 40.4448" N, 149° 52' 42.3048" W
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907-258-ANAF (2623)
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