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Indigenous Women's Network


The Indigenous Women's Network (IWN) was established in as a grass roots initiative at a gathering of over 200 Indigenous women at Yelm, Washington in 1985. The (Founding Mothers ) were and continue to be strong, committed Indigenous women activists who dedicate themselves to generating a global movement that achieves sustainable change for our communities. Under their visionary leadership, IWN has become known for inspiring, strategic, pro-active and affirming events that facilitates the inter-generational transfer of traditional knowledge to young, Indigenous women. Our training programs and publications reach and link Indigenous women around the world in a network of support that includes award winning artists, activists, authors, community leaders, educators, attorneys and traditional healers.

Over the past 21 years, IWN has evolved into an international coalition of Indigenous women from rural and urban communities who approach the resolution of contemporary challenges from a traditional Indigenous values base. IWN serves as a major driving force behind Indigenous communities, mobilizing change around issues affecting ourselves and our families, Mother earth and the environment, cultural/spiritual beliefs and traditions, health services and tribal governance. IWN is proud of its achievements and the programs that have been designed to provide information, education, training, support and leadership development to Indigenous Women across the Americas and around the world.1

Programs are culturally specific and delivered through a mentorship process involving seasoned Indigenous women activists and leaders who share their experience and teach others in development of critical tools and mechanisms for organizing sustainable communities. IWN has provided the means and opportunities for Indigenous women to participate in political discussions relevant to our communities, to share their knowledge, particularly as it relates to the transfer of information from Elders to young women.

IWN continues to leverage support and resources that allow Indigenous women to gather in safe spaces and discuss and define critical issues among themselves, to mentor each other and to develop strategies to participate in policy-making and direct advocacy for ourselves, our families and our communities.


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