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Buffalo Messengers


The purpose of Buffalo Messengers is for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically we will bring Native American Elders and Spiritual Leaders to Southwestern Pennsylvania to teach traditional Native American values, ceremonies and culture through seminars, speaking engagements and ceremonial gatherings.

These values, ceremonies and culture will be taught to everyone interested in awakening, developing and practicing basic knowledge such as, but not limited to, respect, dignity, integrity, honesty, honor and the importance of taking care of the family and community units. Through these ceremonies, offered at no charge to anyone, we hope individuals will learn to give of themselves freely with no expectation of return.

The decision to form this organization was based solely on the concerns of the breakdown of families, communities, states, nations and the world progressively. We believe the lack of knowing and practicing respect, dignity, honesty, etc., on an individual level has been the fundamental reason for this breakdown.

Body of Works: