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Dream Spirit Gift Shop


2153 Ashland
Evanston, IL 60201
United States
Veronica Lozen Brown Bear
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Dream Spirit Gift Shop

I am Veronica Lozen Brown Bear and my mother is Mama Litle Wolf. After many years on the Pow Wow trail, we decided to open up our own shop. My mother is an artist and taught me to feel my worth and do it through art.. As I got older I worked my art, beginning at the age of 6, and 34 years later, here I am... Our family traditions are very important to us, as is our work.. Dream Spirits was born, from my dreams, asleep and awake... I feel my work comes from what I've seen in dreams and meditation... So here I am, living my dreams... Many blessings Lozen

My trade is something my mother taught me, she gave me the tools and the love of the earth and all that applies. Expressed to me, to grow in my art, be who I was and not what others expected of me... My favorite quote is "there is beauty in me, even in my imperfections"

My mother, my brothers, and the Great Mystery. Many blessings
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