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Lickity Split Chocolate

Navajo Basket Chocolates and Pottery


Utah at Nations of the Four Corners
707 West 500 South
Blanding, UT 84511
United States
37° 33' 46.53" N, 109° 27' 44.82" W

Lickity Split Chocolate offers such delights as Toffee Bars, Wedding Hearts, Chocolate Pretzels, Strawberries Tuxedos (Local San Juan County Customers only), Single Navajo Basket Lollipops, Personalized Hearts, Indian Corn Lollipops, Luscious Truffles, 4 Sacred Mountains, Navajo Ya'e, Spirit Bear Lollipops and our signature special, Navajo Basket Chocolates and Pottery. Visit our online store to see these mouth watering treats.

Lickity Split operates with sponsorship from a non-profit educational foundation, San Juan Foundation. They receive business training and support from the Small Business Development Center. Since the youth are not allowed to participate in the chocolate business without a sustainable grade point average of at least 2.5, the VISTA members and community volunteers tutor them in their school studies. Thanks to a VISTA supported program called Utah Tech Corp, each Lickity Split youth was given a computer to help with their schoolwork. Tutoring takes place two days per week and the children are excelling as much in their studies are they are in their business.

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(435) 678-2626
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