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Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears

Artist - Author: 
Diane Glancy

Glancy's novel is an exquisitely sad tale of the forced eviction of 13,000 Cherokee in 1838 from their lands in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Known as the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee were forced to leave their homelands and walk 900 miles through four winter months to a reservation in Oklahoma; nearly a quarter of them died or disappeared along the way. In this fictionalized account of the forced march, Glancy introduces the reader to a young woman and her family who struggle to survive the torturous journey. As we follow Maritole and her husband, Knobowtee, we witness the horrors firsthand: cruelty, disease, fatigue, and especially sorrow, as the atrocities are played out by family members and dozens of other characters. Using the voices of both the captive Cherokee and the white soldiers, and subtly incorporating her extensive research on the subject, Glancy provides a moving firsthand account of a terrible moment in U.S. history. Kathleen Hughes From Booklist

history / politics
Native American