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Marilou Awiakta

Rooted in the stories of the Cherokee Corn Mother, Selu, and of the teacher of hunters, Awi Usdi (Little Deer), these stories, essays, drawings, and poems revolve around the fundamental Indian concepts of respect and balance. Awiakta, who grew up in the postwar community of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the product of Cherokee and Scotch-Irish Appalachian roots, tells how the stories of Selu and Awi Usdi can be applied in all areas of life, from political activism to interpersonal relations. Touching on issues like the Tellico Dam controversy (when the Cherokee's ancient capital was flooded), the reunion of the Eastern and Oklahoma Cherokee, science and technology, government, and diversity, this wide-ranging collection is occasionally repetitious but offers true insights into Native American philosophies and how to apply them to contemporary problems.
- Lisa A. Mitten, Univ. of Pittsburgh Lib.
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Native American