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Walking With Grandfather: The Wisdom of Lakota Elders

Artist - Author: 
Joseph M. Marshall III

Since the tide of interest created by Black Elk Speaks over 70 years ago, Native American lineage holders have been cautious about sharing their spiritual truths to the reading public because the essence of this wisdom has been so often misunderstood. In Walking with Grandfather, authentic Lakota lineage holder and award-winning storyteller Joseph M. Marshall breaks this silence with the very best from a lifetime of lessons passed on to him by his grandfather. With him, readers gain access to the timeless teachings that until now remained largely unheard outside the culture of the Lakota people. Part of an unbroken series of narratives dating back countless centuries, this rare new transmission includes Marshall’s rendition of legendary stories such as: • "The Way of Wolves"—important lessons about parenting • "The Shadow Man"—a story on war and the warrior within us all • "Follow Me"—reflections on leaders and leadership • "The Wisdom Within"—the passage of truly becoming an elder—plus many more stories found both in the book and in the author’s own words on the accompanying audio CD.

"We believe that life’s gift to us is wisdom," explains Joseph M. Marshall, "and that it is the one gift that must be given back." Join this master of traditional storytelling as he takes us through the rich oral history of the Lakota—and shows us how we can rediscover the invaluable wisdom of our elders.

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