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Native America OnTheWeb reserves the right to refuse service to those individuals who we deem inappropriate for this website. While the primary purpose of this website is to provide a directory that works to benefit native owned and operated businesses, NAOTW reserves the right to sell advertising to clients that are operating as an advocate of and for the benefit of indigenous people.

The primary purpose of this Web portal is to promote businesses and organizations owned by those who are culturally, socially, and genetically native, specifically those people who are either members of their respective tribes or direct descendents.

NAOTW has made a good faith effort to ensure the legitimacy of all those businesses listed in our directory as native owned and operated or for the benefit of Native people, however we are not the “Indian Police.” Who is Indian and who is not Indian is very controversial. Many Indian people are not tribal members due to various factors. We have put forth our best effort to be inclusive of all Indian people, however we will exclude those who we feel falsely claim to be Indian in order to exploit Indian culture. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone for any reason, period. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individuals using this site to investigate the legitimacy of any business claiming to be Indian owned.