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Lineage Designs by Josef Reiter

Horse Bracelet

Using simple, stylized scenes of American Indian life, totems and nature scenes, Josef expresses his love for the traditional values of his Annishinabe heritage. With these images, Josef connects the past, present and future through the universal values of respect for the earth and it's creatures, peace through balance, and the importance of the family in everyday life.

It was at a powwow where Josef experienced a moment of clarity that resonates in his work to this day. "It was a clear, sunny day, and I was set up as usual with the other vendors at the powwow" Josef recalls. "Suddenly, a shadow passed over my table, a clear, defined, detailed shadow. I looked up and saw a huge, beautiful bald eagle circling the powwow grounds. I began working on developing my 'Shadow' style just a little while after the eagle shadow passed over. "I want my work to reflect our connection with the world at a moment in time, like a shadow passing over our path."