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Spirit Wind North

Artist - Author: 
Bill Miller

1. Birds of Pray
2. Together as One
3. High Eagle Prayer
4. Lost Canyon
5. Vision Quest
6. Tranquil Fire
7. Journey Into Prayer
8. Amazing Grace
9. Reconciliation Prayer

It is a Good Day to Die

Making a Noise

Shine Your Light

Shaman's Way

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Awesome! One word describes this CD and that word is awesome. I love "modern" Native American music (and yes, Rita Coolidge is Native American for all you old hippies who are only familiar with her as a back-up singer with Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishman) and this CD is all that and more -- global chants, spirituality, and earth rhythms.

Behind the Memories

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

1. Shower The People
2. All The Love
3. How 'Bout Us
4. Please Don't Be Scared
5. Old Heart Aches
6. How Sweet It Is
7. I Can't Tell You Why
8. This Time
9. Is It You
10. When You Are On Your Way

Rita Coolidge - Greatest Hits

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

1. We're All Alone
2. I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
3. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher
4. One Fine Day
5. Only You Know And I Know
6. Bye Bye Love
7. Fever
8. Am I Blue
9. Words
10. Slow Dancer
11. The Way You Do The Things You Do
12. Let's Go Dancing
13. Keep The Candle Burning

All Time High

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Takes me back.. I listened to Rita in the 70's and 80's and am so glad to find her now on CD's. The most beautiful and soothing voice. Love every song on the CD.
Review by Amazon customer P. Defrange "okie" (OK USA)

Thinking About You

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Singer, songwriter Rita Coolidge & Norah Jones plumb the same musical depths, the same vocal geography. Rita Coolidge fans will not be disappointed. This voice, this woman is a national treasure. Her range, texture, phrasing & versatility around jazz ballads, R&B, blues, & country crossover, are awesome. She leaves you with the sense of polyphonic harmony in a single note.

Natural Act

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

The final installment of the Kris & Rita "trilogy," this album was less country-oriented than the previous two; but a fine album none the less. It appears as if the impending divorce might have had an impact on the album as a whole.

Rita Coolidge

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Rita at her best. This is one of those albums with no clinkers. Rita never matched this in later albums. I bought this record almost 30 years ago and am thrilled to have it back, sounding even better than I remembered. Incredible musicianship, back up vocals and songwriting from start to finish. I melt when I hear her voice wrap around the words.

Out of the Blues

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Some of these funky blue songs ("Am I Blue" & "Mean to Me") were released on other Rita's albums, but this collection contains all songs from that 1975 session. One wonders why this collection wasn't released sooner, because Rita never sounded better!


Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Ecstatic over finding this in CD at Amazon!!!!!! I have literally "worn out" the album I bought many years ago when this was first released. The collaboration of these two artists was a stroke of genius. The way their voices play off each other will lift your spirit!! If you are a fan of either artist, this is a must!!!!!

And So Is Love

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

I would highly recommend this CD to any jazz fan who doubts that a well known country singer can cross over and sound like she's been singing jazz all her life. Her supporting band is first rate and she allows them much room to breathe. Very enjoyable listening and a bargain.
Review by Amazon customer Ignacy Urbanski "Iggy" (Henrietta, New York)


Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

With her beautiful voice that varied from breezy to husky, Rita Coolidge was one of the unique voices of the seventies and eighties. This excellent compilation includes all of her greatest hits and some superb album tracks like her exquisite version of Leonard Cohen's Bird On A Wire.

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rita Coolidge

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge put a spell on my in my school years. "You" was one the favorite dancin songs of those days in my town. I bought this record basically for this song and "All time high" cause hey gave a nostalgic memory of my younger days, but the whole record is full of great shiny perfomances by her. "We are all alone" completed the treat for me but all the songs are great.

Anytime, Anywhere, Love Me Again

Artist - Author: 
Rita Coolidge

It's about time some of Rita Coolidge's large catalog makes it to CD! "Anytime...Anywhere" is the pinnacle of Rita's commercial success. The best tracks here are not the biggest hits, but other treasures: "The Hungry Years", "Southern Lady", and "Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame". Her vocals on this record are amazing.

Mahk Jchi

Artist - Author: 
Ulali has created a new genre of Native American Music. Known for their unusual harmonies and wide vocal and musical range, Ulali's sound encompasses an array of indigenous music including southeast choral singing (pre-blues and gospel) and pre-Colombian (before the borders) music. With their beautiful yearning and powerful voices, they drum, rattle and stomp.

Going Home

My favorite track on this CD is, Going Home. This song hit so many nerves within me; to talk about it is difficult. You will have to listen to it for yourselves. It is reminiscence of an old African Spiritual. I will quote a line from the song so you'll get the idea: "Stolen people on stolen land." Amazon Review by Elizabeth Kelso, NY, NY

Chasing the Sun

Mato's guitar playing is powerful, skillful, soulful and if you really love great blues guitar music you may often find the combination of Mato's voice and guitar playing a moving experience to listen to.

Califiornia Powwow (Live)

Artist - Author: 

1. Intertribal Whistle Song
2. Intertribal One
3. Contest
4. Womans Buckskin
5. Southern Buckskin
6. Mens Straight
7. War Dance
8. Round Dance One
9. Intertribal Two
10. Contest
11. Round Dance Two
12. Intertribal Three
13. Straight
14. Intertribal Four
15. Gourd Dance One

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Oklahoma Gourd Songs

Artist - Author: 

1. Phase 1 >> 4 Gourd Songs
2. Phase 2 >> 4 Gourd Songs
3. Phase 3 >> 4 Gourd Songs
4. Phase 4 >> 4 Gourd Songs
5. Phase 5 >> 4 Gourd Songs

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Bright Circle

Artist - Author: 
Brent Michael Davids

1. Bright Circle Theme
2. Col. Henry Pratt
3. Train to Carlisle
4. Children's Arrival
5. Carlisle Indian School
6. Military Control
7. Sickness & Cemetery
8. Seasons Change
9. Olympic Gold
10. The Indians Win
11. Indians Win Again
12. Jim Thorpe
13. Carlisle Troubles

Morning Star Whispered

Artist - Author: 
Keith Bear

1. Introduction
2. Nothern Lights
3. Sticks a Feather in His Head
4. Sticks a Feather in His Head [Flute]
5. Turtle and Pretty Crane
6. All Through the Night
7. Night Dreamer

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Arctic Voices

Artist - Author: 
Phillip John Charette

1. Arctic Bird
2. Cherokee Love Song
3. Tarvarnauramken
4. Tundra Flutterby
5. Eagle Song
6. Amazing Grace
7. Tribute to Stella
8. Arctic Wolf
9. Long Cold Winter
10. Raven Finds a Meal

Spirit Rain

Artist - Author: 
Bill Miller

On Spirit Rain, Bill Miller's 11th album, the Mohican-German singer-songwriter pulls together various pieces to provide a solid overview of who he is and what he's capable of. Miller's themes of spirituality reveal the mind of a deep thinker, but he also covers more earthly issues such as family, the environment, and love.

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Heart Jump Bouquet

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Restless Situations
2. Listen Closely
3. Such a Fine Day
4. Never Never Blues
5. Heart Chanting
6. Rockin' the Rez
7. Bringing Back the Time
8. Heart Jump Bouquet
9. Poetic Motion
10. Sweet Things
11. Tina Smiled

Fables and Other Realities

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Fables & Other Realities
2. Baby Dolls Blues
3. Laughing
4. What He'd Done
5. Baby What's Happening
6. Long Silky Caress
7. The Dream
8. Teddy Bear Tears
9. The Needle
10. Somebody's Kid
11. Raven
12. Fire in the Village
13. Fables

Children of Earth - Childs Voice

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Children of Earth
2. Last Rush in Babylon
3. See the Woman
4. Questions
5. Good Thoughts
6. One of the Colors
7. Material Junkies
8. Some People Say
9. One Journey
10. Child of the Dream
11. Peace With Earth

But This Isn't El Salvador

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. But This Isn't El Salvador/Butler Honoring
2. Born 18/All Tribes
3. The Newspaper Stand/Round Dance
4. Isn't My Life/Elk Song
5. Instant Heat/Old Springs Owl
6. Thicker Than Blood (For Billy Joe)/Chiefs Song
7. Beauty in a Fade/49 Wait for Me
8. One Side of the Face/1855 War Dance
9. What Happens/Sarcee Song