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Magenta Marie Spinningwind


P.O. Box 20744
Seattle, WA 98102
United States
47° 39' 15.7716" N, 122° 19' 4.17" W
Magenta Marie Spinningwind

Magenta-Marie Spinningwind is the Producer and Editor of "North West Native American Events & News," since 2008

Magenta Marie Spinningwind is an enrolled member of the Tsalagi Nation. And a recognized multi-media artist. She has no formal art schooling. She was raised with Tlingit, Haida and Coast Salish inspirations and influences. Raised in Alaska and Washington; her art reflects all nations of Native American Indians. Using Traditional and Contemporary materials such as Glass beads, Bone, Buffalo Teeth, Horse hair, Shells, Gourds, Leather and other natural materials. Realizing her early influences in Coastal Culture, and her own Tsalagi Culture; Magenta Marie began to approach her art style with this in mind.

Her art reflects a variety of themes and talent; drawings, paintings, jewelry, clay sculpture, native drums, gourd carving, dolls and mask, and block printing. As well as 'custom made' art, jewelry, leather bags, and ribbon shirts.


Her creative expression and artistry touch all facets of her life, cultural, spiritual, and personal. Her art follows traditional themes executed in a variety of media- from acrylics, ink, oil pastels, textiles, leather, clay. Although she has many different styles, and expressions of her art; traditional and contemporary, she is typically known for her attention to detail and her creativity.

Magenta Marie Says: "I feel I am guided by my dreams and visions passed to me by my Ancestors, as well as my life experiences." My art is Spiritual and Healing to me!'

I feel my art is 'not' easily explained in words, and is only explained by what the viewer see's, feels, and brings from it. My hope is to always inspire, and educate all generations and all nations especially the young as they are the future of our culture. I encourage the younger generations to learn from their elders and listen to the old stories and ways of our past, our culture. So they may pass on what they have learned to the next generation. And not to let our cultures die out, keeping the art, stories and history Alive, Strong and Proud, in Honor of our Past, Present, and Future!'

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