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Native American Music

Sounds of Reality

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

The follow-up to Original Landlord, Casper again creates a new environment of Native American themes with reggae, rock and r&b in The Sounds of Reality. Winner of the 2001 Native American Music Award for World Music Recording.

John Trudell The Collection 1983-1992 6CD Boxed Set

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

A stunning collection of his albums:Tribal Voice/aka Grafitti Man/Heart Jump Bouquet/But This Isn't El Salvador-Tribal Voice/Fables & Other Realities/Children Of Earth-Childs Voice lovingly packaged in a small slipcover.Inside are individual covers and lyrics for these wonderful works.

But This Isn't El Salvador

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. But This Isn't El Salvador/Butler Honoring
2. Born 18/All Tribes
3. The Newspaper Stand/Round Dance
4. Isn't My Life/Elk Song
5. Instant Heat/Old Springs Owl
6. Thicker Than Blood (For Billy Joe)/Chiefs Song
7. Beauty in a Fade/49 Wait for Me
8. One Side of the Face/1855 War Dance
9. What Happens/Sarcee Song

Children of Earth - Childs Voice

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Children of Earth
2. Last Rush in Babylon
3. See the Woman
4. Questions
5. Good Thoughts
6. One of the Colors
7. Material Junkies
8. Some People Say
9. One Journey
10. Child of the Dream
11. Peace With Earth

Fables and Other Realities

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Fables & Other Realities
2. Baby Dolls Blues
3. Laughing
4. What He'd Done
5. Baby What's Happening
6. Long Silky Caress
7. The Dream
8. Teddy Bear Tears
9. The Needle
10. Somebody's Kid
11. Raven
12. Fire in the Village
13. Fables

Heart Jump Bouquet

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

1. Restless Situations
2. Listen Closely
3. Such a Fine Day
4. Never Never Blues
5. Heart Chanting
6. Rockin' the Rez
7. Bringing Back the Time
8. Heart Jump Bouquet
9. Poetic Motion
10. Sweet Things
11. Tina Smiled

Madness and Moremes

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

Sit back, shut your eyes and let John's words penetrate your soul, because that is what his music is like and this is some of his best work. Poetically eloquent, moving, romantic and soulful at times, bluesy at others, sometimes political, always filled with wisdom, insight and food for thought.

Crazier Than Hell by John Trudell

Artist - Author: 
John Trudell

A powerful piece of poetry. Rocking, bluesy, psychedelic tunes flow naturally and coherently from start to finish. This is John Trudell and Bad Dog's most important work to date. John bares his soul in this CD. He is truly one of the greatest mind of our times.

Mahk Jchi

Artist - Author: 
Ulali has created a new genre of Native American Music. Known for their unusual harmonies and wide vocal and musical range, Ulali's sound encompasses an array of indigenous music including southeast choral singing (pre-blues and gospel) and pre-Colombian (before the borders) music. With their beautiful yearning and powerful voices, they drum, rattle and stomp.


Artist - Author: 
A collection of songs harmonized by three beautiful voices. Soothing soulful songs that lift your spirits. Haunting, stunning, beautiful and moving. You will never grow tired of this CD.