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Kevin Hogan

Dr Kevin Hogan


3432 Denmark Ave. # 108
Eagan, MN 55123
United States

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D. is a fast-paced and dynamic speaker. He is the author of nine books including his newest, Science of Influence, Selling Yourself to Others, The Psychology of Persuasion, Talk Your Way to the Top as well as CD and DVD program (see below). He is an internationally recognized expert in selling strategies, body language and influential communication. He is a regular media guest and internationally known speaker and workshop leader.

He has been featured in Success!, Selling Power, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Woman's World, Complete Woman, The New York Post, The BBC, Mademoiselle, Wprost newsmagazine of Poland, and dozens of other publications and television shows. Kevin has spoken before packed auditoriums at MDRT (Million Dollar Roundtable) The Inner Circle, 3M, Cargill, Great Clips, Fortis Insurance, Twin City Life & Claim Association, US Bancorp, Lukasbank, Meespierson, and more!

His mastery in the fields of non-verbal communication and influence make him one of the most knowledgeable, exciting, and effective corporate and business speakers in the United States.

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Science of Influence Part V (Vol 49-60) Triggering Compliance in the Buying Sequence - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

How to Covertly Trigger the Buying Impulse in Your Customer
The Science of Influence, Part V

Released January 14, 2007!

"Just a quick note. I ordered your program, Science of Influence Part V, and received it in 1 day! Thank you! Then I purchased 3 books of yours. I am hooked! Thanks again." Robert Martin, Fargo, ND

Subliminal Achievement - DVD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

Subliminal Achievement: Subliminal & Supraliminal Images Proven to Cause Specific Outcomes.
The New DVD program utilizing scientifically proven subliminal messaging. Video Imaging by Mark Ryan.

You demanded it...(literally!) The All New Technology Proven to Cause Very Specific Outcomes!

Subliminal Achievement - learn what works in subliminal learning!

Lifestorms - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

Lifestorms: Blasting through Self-Sabotage for Breakthrough Results!
Learn what is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

3 Audio CDs, 1 DVD plus workbook on CD.

Time for Love, Time for Money - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan
Time for Love, Time for Money: The Complete Time Production System. Time Management Never Looked LIke This...This Works...6 CDs + Manual on CD by Kevin Hogan

Work Harder? Work Smarter?

  • Work Harder?
  • Work Smarter?

How About This: Produce the Time You Need to Have and Do All You Want.

Manifesting the Millionaire Mind - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan
Manifesting the Millionaire Mind: The Complete Wealth Package.
Save Big with this program! 14 CDs, 2 DVDs, Plus gigantic manual

What will it *really* take to be a millionaire? What is stopping you from becoming one? The Millionaire Mind will Cause YOU to Reach the Million Dollar Mark!

Body Language - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

Body Language: Decoding, Interpreting & Mastering Nonverbal Communication (Complete Home Study Course)

8 audio CDS, 3 DVDs, 125 page Manual on CD, Body Language Evaluator, Wallet Card, Now on 8CDs and 3 DVDs!

Covert Hypnosis Advance Course - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

Can Anyone Truly Master Subconscious Influence?
Covert Hypnosis: An Advanced Course in Unconscious Influence (8 Audio CDs + Manual on CD)

Covert Hypnosis is the utilization of techniques and strategies to change the perception and behavior of others in a completely subtle and unconscious way.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss (CD Program)

Hypnosis for Weightloss: The Complete Classroom Video Program. The Instructors Guide to Leading a Weight Loss Class

with Kevin Hogan and Christopher McAtee

Now a 3 DVD set, PLUS BONUS DVD! You get actual classroom footage of Kevin Hogan teaching a weight loss class! 4 Hypnosis-for-Weight-Loss Audio CDs also included!

Covert Subliminal Influence - CD

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan


One "live" seminar with NOTHING edited out. Learn the secrets of covert hypnosis, subliminal persuasion (including HOW to make subliminal dvd's!) and subtle forms of influence.

Covert Persuasion - book

Artist - Author: 
Kevin Hogan

When we make decisions we like to think we weigh the options carefully, look at all the possibilities, and make the best choice based on a rational examination of the facts. But in truth, much of our decision making happens on a subconscious level based on feelings we might not even be aware of. Understanding and managing those subconscious feelings is the key to the art of persuasion.