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Anita Caldwell Jackson

Carved Into History
Anita Caldwell-Jackson's works include acrylics, pencil, and mixed media using calico cloth and acrylic paint.

Jim Denomie

Confluence by Jim Denomie
Jim Denomie primary art genre is painting, though he also works with oil pastel drawing and ink.

Albert White

Albert White's paintings reflect sensitivity and power in wildlife, people and the land. The legends and evolving history of Native Americans come al

Annie Humphrey

Annie Humphrey is an Ojibwe mother, singer, songwriter and visual artist who was born and raised on the Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

Ice Bear

Art by Ice Bear
The necessity of understanding the natural world around us, and learning to respect both this Earth and all our fellow travelers on it are reflected i

George, Edwin

The Way it Was by Edwin George
Edwin George's work is of immense cultural, historical and educational value as he depicts the language and customs of his tribe, whereas many of the

Canfield, Kara

Kara Canfield's cowboy
Original cowboy paintings and Native art.

America Meredith

My work negotiates the space between the Native and non-Native, the urban and rural worlds, as well as the interactions between humans, animals, plant

L. David Eveningthunder

L David Eveningthunder Calendar
The art forms and styles of American Indian Dancers can be looked at in a historical represntation of today's pow wow scenes is what I, L. David Eveni

Bill Miller

Bill Miller
Bill Miller is an award-winning recording artist, performer, songwriter, activist, and painter.

CZ Martin

I create images that promote the preservation of the Ojibwe culture through illustrations in various mediums.

Gueganne Doucet

Professional Canadian Aboriginal Artist creating geometric abstract figurative paintings & stone sculptures.

Dream Spirit Gift Shop

Veronica Lozen Brown Bear
Dream Spirits is a mother and daughter owned shop. We paint, do leatherwork and create jewelry.

Jeffrey Gibson

Infinate Anomaly
My paintings and installations depict views of an imagined landscape populated with new and undiscovered plant and animal life.

William Varnell

William Varnell's focus is authentic, primitive native art and his work is recognized around world.